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A family trip on June 16, to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. thrust Star Swain into the national spotlight when her compelling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner went viral with more than 40 million views online. A moment of moving beyond fear has propelled Swain along her path to fulfilling her dreams.

Since her impromptu performance that stopped tourists in their tracks, Star has become an Internet sensation covered by media outlets throughout the country. She has appeared on major network broadcasts from CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly and Inside Edition, to CNN and FOX and Friends. Star made her television performance debut on July 1, 2016, when she sang the national anthem live on Good Morning America. She has made several guest appearances singing the Star Spangled Banner on national platforms including tthe Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where she sang the anthem on July 28, 2016 — the same day Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted the party’s nomination for president of the United States.  In March of 2017, Swain was featured in the “Artist Spotlight” segment of BET’s "Joyful Noise," a new Sunday morning gospel show hosted by award-winning recording artist Tye Tribbett. 

Troubled by the social unrest that emerged in June, 2016, after the shooting deaths of two civilians and five police officers; and in the rising face of racism, hatred, and mass killings in the U.S., Star released Home of the Brave in 2016 and Together as One in 2017, both written to inspire national healing and unity.

Birthed out of the 2017 Women's March that followed after then presidential candidate Donald J. Trump made derogatory sentiments about women, Star Swain took to the studio to produce her latest single, Woman, to express the strength of being a woman. She was inspired to release the song after hearing Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Golden Globes’ annual Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Winfrey encouraged women to be empowered in sharing their stories of abuse and assault.

Swain is developing a reputation of producing music that is part of an emerging soundtrack that addresses contemporary social issues together with inspirational songs that emphasize God's position and plan to move us from pain to glory. The unique combination will breed what Star calls inspirational message music and will soon be released on her new Pain & Glory LIVE album in 2019

Star plans to use her national platform to bring healing to USA through social awareness, unity building, and deep appreciation of cultural diversity, while pointing souls all back to God.  She also will use her newfound stardom for her greatest passion - education. Swain plans to help make positive changes in the educational system, particularly bridging the learning gap between lower- and upper-class children in public schools while bringing light to the importance of music and performing arts in education.

Swain is a diverse musician whose singing ability embraces a broad range of genres including R&B, jazz, funk and gospel – her roots.