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about swain maed, inc.

Swain Music Arts and Education (MAED [pronounced MAYD]), Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Star Swain in 2018 to promote message music and performing arts while emphasizing the need for music and arts in education.  The organization also works to mentor and promote up and coming artists and actors with exceptional talent. All donations to Swain MAED, Inc. are used to accomplish the mission to continue spreading messages of encouragement and social awareness through music, performing arts, and education while making stars everyday.



Youth Performance Coaching

Swain MAED, Inc. provides one-on-one performance coaching sessions to students aged 5-17. Coaching sessions provide instruction and guidance to students in singing, public speaking, acting skills with a specific emphasis in stage presence, execution, and vocal projection. Sessions are for intermediate and advanced students only. Auditions are required for acceptance in the performance coaching program. Applications for youth performance coaching are now available. Sessions and acceptance for coaching are subject to availability.

City-Wide Youth Choirs

Swain MAED, Inc. City-Wide Youth Choirs will begin in August 2019 in Tallahassee, Florida. This music program will expand throughout the nation in cities across America to provide opportunities to youth to exercise and enhance their singing and musical talents consistently. The program is open for singers and musicians aged 8-18. Students will participate in local and regional performances throughout Fall and Spring semesters. Applications for Fall 2019 are now available. All applications for the Fall 2019 season must be received by July 31, 2019.